Why an Iral is the perfect Gift!

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

Shopping for presents can be tough and whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or something for Christmas, our Irals can be the perfect presents for your loved ones. Small and compact, they not only grab the attention, they’re an easy solution to adding a little oomph to any old outfit.

It’s Budget Friendly

The best part about our Irals is that they are completely budget-friendly and great “stocking fillers”. This makes gift-giving so easy, you’ll end up buying more than two. Depending on the style, you can mix and match and create different pairings to give as a gift to anyone with ease without going over budget.

It’s So Unique

Irals are so new in the market that you can be almost certain the person you’re giving them to won't have one yet. This makes sure that your present is utterly unique and will definitely be well-received. On the off chance that they don’t like the style you picked for them, you can rest easy. We accept exchanges within 30 working days. As long as the product is not damaged, we’ll be happy to exchange the Iral for the one they want.

Extremely Versatile

An Iral will not be a useless present. Almost everyone owns a pair of flip flops or a bikini and will definitely love an Iral or two to accessorize with. Moreover, if you’re wearing a dress or a tank top with spaghetti sleeves, you can use an Iral to instantly add a charming boost to them too. There are tons of ways one can accessorize their wardrobe with an Iral and they’ll become a definite favorite of anyone you choose to give them to.

Irals are the New Friendship Bracelets

Everyone loves friendship bracelets, and with Irals, you can give a new touch to a classic accessory. While it was common to weave friendship bracelets in our childhood, you can give your girl squad something unique to symbolize your close bond. With an Iral, you can have a secret, discreet friendship bracelet that no one else has. Buy the same or choose a theme and pick different Irals for each friend from our collection.

Step out of the box this year, skip the normal jewelry and show your loved ones you care in the cutest, fashion savvy way possible. Happy shopping!

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How to use Irals with your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

If you think Irals are limited to beach-friendly summer days, think again! Our intricate trinkets are designed to give you the freedom to use them whenever you want – all year round.

We have some really cool ideas for you to creatively use Irals to warm up your winter and fall attire. So, without further ado, let’s see what suggestions we have for you!

The Boots Are As Good as the Flip Flops

This may sound strange but boots are actually the flip flops of winter – they are both designed to provide maximum comfort with respect to the weather. So, if you can pamper your flip flops with sparkly attachments, why not show some love to the boots as well? If you happen to have the buckle and styling elements on the boots, attach one of the elegant spirals we have and you can now rock those boots at any outdoor event or party during the winter season. You can actually attach a string or tie it around the boot to make room for a little bling down there.

Attach Them On the Hats

If the weather is too cold to wear head bands, try using your Irals with the hats and caps you have. If you can find a hat or a beany with something stringy to swirl a sparkle around, well and good. If not, then you can always DIY a little and add a string that can camouflage with the hat. Now swirl the spiral along the string, and you have weather-perfect fancy headwear.

On your Bra Strap with a Layer on Top

Irals will attach perfectly to your bra strap, and if you layer a loose top or dress on top, you can let your sparkly spiral peak out. This looks great with a plain shirt, jumper or dress, as all the attention will be on your fabulous Iral. Of course, you can wear your Iral on your bra even when it’s covered up, so it’s just for yourself or a special someone to see…

Lastly, you can always use a sparkly spiral with your hand bags no matter the weather. Just remember that it works best if the strap or string you attach your Iral to is at least 1cm thick. If you have any other winter clothing that you think will be perfect for an Iral, share it with us!


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Irals looking fab on our workout gear!

Posted on October 10, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

Ever considered wearing your Iral on your gym outfit? Chardét from Corpao Fitness, a new Brazilian workout, is showing you how... We love how she matches her Irals with her outfits and moves. And she is looking absolutely stunning!

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Reasons to wear flip flops more often

Posted on September 18, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

Controversy theorists everywhere!

Have you ever stumbled upon an article touting the dangers of wearing flip flops and wondered if you should switch to wearing high-heels round the clock?

That is one painful thought!

At Irals, we love flip flips for more than just one reason. While they look absolutely stunning with our Irals, they have a huge set of benefits that are often overlooked.

So, today we will bust some myths and tell you why you really need to take all your flip flops out this season.

They Are Extremely Easy to Put On

No laces no buckles - a perfect slip on for a lazy summer day. Anyone who has suffered the ordeal of taking tricky shoes on and off in a rush knows how important this is. We know many smart women who choose to keep a pair of flip flops under their work station just so they can quickly slip it in for their casual trips to the cafeteria or the loo. Take notes and keep the high heels for meetings and conferences.

They Prevent Fungus and Bad Odor

Smelly feet are usually caused by manifestation of bacteria, which is more likely to happen in closed shoes. Flip flops are as airy as they can get, and therefore, the chances of fungal infection and bad odor are considerably lower. Besides, they really help in keeping you cool during the hot summer days. No more sweaty socks!

They Are Convenient to Clean and Store

People love flip flops on beaches and that is why there aren’t many other options that come close to them when it comes to water resistance. This means you can easily clean them up by putting them under running water. Not to mention, the lighter weight and compact size make them easy to store during the winter.

They Offer Creative Freedom

When it comes to DIY styling, flip flops are the ultimate winner in the footwear department. There is no limit to how creative you can get with those two straps. Stick a handful of diamantes, sew in a few beads, wrap colorful threads around, or attach one of our gorgeous Irals.

But what about all those risks?

Not that we are completely denouncing the criticism flip flops receive from the medical community, the style and quality of the product you buy really matters in ensuring all the benefits. Make sure the sole isn’t entirely flat or too hard. Our feet need a little cushion and a curvature to walk comfortably without risking joint pain or muscle sprain.

Invest in a good flip flop and you will never go back to any other form of footwear. And in case you get bored, there is always a sparkly Iral to set the mood!


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How to attach Irals

Posted on September 02, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

Attaching your Iral to a flip flop is super easy. Here is a short video to show you how...

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Silver or Gold - How to match Irals for the occasion

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

When it comes to adding a little bling to your attire, things are actually not as easy as they seem. Once you start navigating our gallery, you will realize that the decision comes with many considerations. There are so many questions that will pop into your mind including what design to choose. And even when you are sure of the design you want to go with, there is one more tough question to answer, “should I go for silver sparkle or a golden Iral?”

If you haven’t noticed, most of our gems come in both colours for you. And while everyone is talking about how absolutely acceptable it is to mix both gold and silver together, there are times when one needs to keep things more homogeneous and elegant.

So today, we will find the answer to the question using some simple rules regarding colour and tones.

Understanding the Main Differences

The major difference between gold and silver tones goes beyond the price of the precious metals they mimic. While gold is a warm toned hue, silver is more of a cooler tone. If you have ever explored the theory of colours, you must already know that some colours are warm while others are cool. The colours closer to the reds are warm while those closer to the violet and blues are cool.

Now gold, being a warm toned colour, looks its best when paired with warmer colours. Similarly, silver shines its best when worn with a cooler tone. If your dress is red, orange, brown, or any other warm colour, a golden Iral will bring out the magnificence of that colour. For a blue, green, or violet dress, a silver Iral will look absolutely stunning.

What about the Neutrals?

Now there are colours that have a very neutral appeal. These mainly include black, white, and all the shades of grey. While people keep arguing against the point, the fact that they look equally well with silver and golden Irals is a testimony in itself.

So, when it boils down to a neutral tone, you should consider the accent colours added by other accessories such as your shoes, handbag, and other jewellery and go with whichever tone is more dominant. For instance, if accents are warm toned, go for a gold Iral. If they are cooler toned, a silver spiral is what we suggest.

Do Skin Colour Matter?

Should it? While it is a common belief that gold looks better on darker skin and silver works best for pale ones, it is not entirely true. As your skin colour has nothing to do with the undertone. There are Caucasians with warm undertones and Africans with cooler ones. However, the undertone is only important when it comes to choosing the shade of your foundation.

Both silver and gold complement every skin color and tone, provided that you are pairing the right accessory with the right attire. And if it is something as versatile as Irals, you can hardly go wrong!


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Be the Classic Beach Chic!

Posted on August 05, 2016 by Katharina Wrather

There are two kinds of people: those who wear their most worn-out clothes to the beach, and those who take their seaside styling very seriously. While thinking of beach accessories may remind you of huge colorful beads and funky jewelry, it doesn’t have to be that way. The trend of dressing up for the beach is not something that just started recently; it has been there from the vintage era. And if there’s anything you can’t help but love about the good old times is the way those ladies used to keep things classy. Even when hitting the coast...

So, if you wish to take a break from beads and boldness, we have five wonderful wardrobe enhancing tips to add some style to your beach wear.

1.    Irals for your Shoes

Whether you choose comfy flip flops, sandals or chic wedges, you can always make them look classier by adding an elegant, beach-themed Iral. These timeless beach accessories are never chunky and funky. They tend to be smaller yet sparkly enough to grab attention. Our Irals, despite being a unique concept, perfectly wrap around this definition of classy. Choose from our beach themed collection and you will never go wrong.

2.    Scarves to Sarongs

Scarves are classic pieces of formal head accessories, and sarongs are quite modern and boho to be exact. However, mixing both concepts can give you a beach-perfect yet classy look. Instead of going for full sized sarongs, you can use a square scarf, preferably a sheer silk one, and wrap it around your waist to show the right amount of skin as per classic standards.

3.    Bikini with a Bling

Once again, if you want to shun the funky colors and patterns in favor of a single tone bikini, it is perfectly all right! If accessorized right, it can look way more captivating then those colorful options. Try something as small as our sparkly spirals to add an element of style to the look. It will fit your spaghetti strap just fine!

4.    Minimalistic Head Bands

Straw hats and floral tiaras may have their own place in the world of beach fashion, but decades ago trendy lasses wouldn’t set foot on the sand without their stringy headbands on. These bands tend to be narrower and you can DIY them by using three strands of thick strings braided together. Now twist your favorite Iral on the side and you are ready to make heads turn and jaws drop.

5.    Bling Up Your Beach Bag

Give more life to your beach bag with Irals. If you have a bag with a fairly narrow strap (1cm or less), any Iral will twist easily around it. With the help of our beach themed ones, you can give your favorite beach bag the makeover it needs!

No matter how you choose to add class to your beach wear, one thing is for sure. Our sparkly spirals are a magical little game changer. Shop around for the beach perfect variety!


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